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Sub-Commission 1.3 - Regional Reference Frames
Regional Sub-Commission 1.3c - North America

Regional Sub-Commision 1.3c
Regional Reference Frames for North America

The purpose of this subcommission is to provide international focus and cooperation for issues involving the horizontal, vertical, and three-dimensional geodetic control networks of North America, including Central America, the Caribbean and Greenland (Denmark).


Dr. Michael Craymer
Coordinator, Reference Frames & Earth Dynamics
Canadian Geodetic Survey, Natural Resources Canada
588 Booth Street, Ottawa, Ontario
K1A 0Y7, Canada
Tel: 613-791-0157, Fax: 613-995-3215
Email: michael.craymer at canada.ca
Dr. Daniel Roman
Chief Geodesist
NOAA, National Geodetic Survey
1315 East-West Hwy., Silver Spring, MD
20810, USA
Tel: 301-713-3200 ext 103, Fax: 301-713-4324
Email: dan.roman at noaa.gov

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Working Groups

NAREF Archive

All NAREF coordinate solutions, together with the regional solutions used to produce it, are available from the NAREF data archive.

Although the members of this working group continue to produce daily and weekly coordinate solutions, their combination into NAREF weekly solutions have been suspended until further notice. We will consider resuming this effort after release of the new North American Terrestrial Reference Frame (NATRF2022). All of the historic NAREF weekly coordinate solutions, together with the regional solutions used to produce them, are still available from the NAREF data archive.

For access to the archive, please contact Michael Craymer.

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